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Summer Storage for Bloomsburg University Students

Leave your stuff with us!

For many students, moving in and out of an apartment or dorm room is one of the biggest hassles of college life. At the beginning of the year, you must pack all your clothes and personal stuff into a vehicle, transport them to school and unpack everything when you get there. You then have to do it all over again at the end of the year — typically during finals week when you already have enough stress to deal with!

At A+ Student Housing, we believe there’s a better way. We offer affordable off-campus summer storage for Bloomsburg University students who rent housing units from us. If you are renting the same
apartment next year, you and up to six roommates may leave your belongings with
us all summer long for only $295 (Fee must be paid by the last day of final exams).
Just fill in this form and your packing chores are gone!


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What Are the Benefits of Summer Storage for Off-Campus Students?

Our BU student housing with summer storage offers a host of benefits for you — and your parents:

  • Fewer long car trips hauling all your stuff back and forth during your time at college
  • Saving time packing, unpacking and arranging everything in your apartment
  • No worries about where to put everything when you return to your parents’ home at the start of summer
  • Fewer concerns about breaking, damaging or losing your personal items during a move
  • Less stress during finals week — devote more time to studying and preparing for your exams
  • You’ll feel like you’re “coming home” when you return to school in the fall
  • Your parents will appreciate having the extra space during the summer
  • With our reasonable rate, BU student housing with summer storage can be more cost-effective than transporting your stuff
  • Not having to move could even give you an extra day or two at home before returning to school in the fall
  • More peace of mind from knowing you won’t have to bother with packing, loading, unloading and unpacking

When you choose A+ Student Housing for BU student housing with summer storage, you get the chance to live in a clean, comfortable apartment that enables you to walk to campus and stay close to the town center of Bloomsburg. You’ll enjoy a fully furnished apartment that provides all the comforts of home — and it’s even pet-friendly! You’ll also receive attentive service from the nicest property manager in town, as well as prompt responses to all your maintenance requests — including 24/7 emergency service when needed.

A+ Student Housing Summer Storage Agreement

If you’re interested in our off-campus summer storage in Bloomsburg, please review the following agreement to learn more about the process and your obligations.

A+ Student Housing, LLC, will provide storage for my belongings for the entire summer following the date of this agreement for a fee of $295.00 (enabling summer storage for up to six people). I agree to provide renter’s insurance and understand that all items are stored at my own risk. Under no circumstances will I hold A+ Student Housing, LLC, or its agents, accountable for any losses or damages that result from my use of their property.

Appropriate Use of Storage Space

I further understand that I will not use the rented storage space for any purpose other than to store items to be used when I am a tenant in the subsequent fall semester and that only items possessed by fellow fall tenants of the relevant apartment will be permitted to utilize this storage space.

I will be responsible for all damages that occur to the apartment while it is in use for storage by me, and will promptly pay A+ Student Housing, LLC, for any repairs necessary to return the apartment to rentable condition in accordance with the Damage Chart found here.

Clicking on the “ACCEPT” button below indicates my commitment to pay the $295.00 storage fee, as well as my adherence to these conditions, in the same manner as it would my signature on a legal document.

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Contact Us to Learn More About Off-Campus Storage in Bloomsburg

Do you still have questions regarding how to store things over the summer at Bloomsburg University? Would you like to discuss your housing options for the upcoming school year?

Feel free to call or text Mary Anne, our friendly property manager, at 570-784-3151 today. You can also fill out and submit our online contact form for a quick response.