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For parking in Bloomsburg, living off campus is the best solution for students. Living off campus in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, is a more convenient and affordable housing solution. When you live off campus, you’ll be within walking distance of both the campus and the many exciting downtown locations, perfect for anyone who wants the full experience of a Bloomsburg University student.

Student Parking in Downtown Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania

What is student parking like in Bloomsburg’s downtown area? The following is some of the information you’ll want to know before you park downtown:

  • Monday through Friday, you’ll need to use parking meters from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Parking is free on Saturdays and Sundays. You’ll also find free handicapped spaces.
  • On Main Street from East Street to West Street, you’re limited to two hours at metered parking spaces. This includes Market Square.
  • Between 2 a.m. to 5 a.m., there is no parking on Main Street. This is enforced every day of the week and includes Market Square.
  • Be careful not to back your vehicle into any of Bloomsburg’s parking stalls.


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If you need to contact the Bloomsburg Police Department, the number is (570) 784-6779. Clerks are on duty from 8 a.m. to 12 a.m. Monday through Friday.


avoid getting a ticket near bloomsburg university

How to Avoid Getting a Ticket

Parking tickets can add up quickly and be a costly issue for Bloomsburg University students. To avoid getting a ticket, keep the above rules and regulations in mind, along with parking restrictions.

1. Parking Restrictions

No parking in the following areas:

  • In front of a driveway
  • Against traffic
  • On a crosswalk
  • On the sidewalk
  • Within an intersection
  • More than 12 inches from the curb
  • Within 20 feet of an intersection’s crosswalk
  • Within 30 feet of a stop sign

Remember that the Bloomsburg Police Department also enforces private parking areas, so be wary of parking on private property without permission. Though police don’t patrol for private property violations, they will respond to complaints. Be sure to get permission before you attempt to park in a private lot.

2. Ticketing on Holidays

You won’t have to worry about receiving a ticket for expired meters or street maintenance on these holidays:

  • Christmas Day
  • Christmas Eve
  • Good Friday
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Memorial Day
  • New Year’s Day
  • President’s Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Veteran’s Day

Illegal parking will still be ticketed on these holidays. All other holidays will be subjected to ticketing.

Few college students have room for parking tickets in their budgets. Knowing and following all of the rules about parking in downtown Bloomsburg will help you avoid racking up expensive fines for parking tickets.

What Happens If You Get a Ticket

If you do get a ticket, what can you expect?

1. When to Pay Your Ticket

Tickets must be paid within 10 days of the issue date. If you fail to pay the ticket in time, you will incur additional costs. If tickets are still not paid after 20 days, they will go into a citation at the office of the District Magistrate. Fines increase after a citation. You can request a hearing when you receive a citation. If you are found guilty, you’ll also incur court costs from the hearing.

2. Who to Contact About Ticket Concerns

If you call about a parking ticket concern, know that clerks cannot excuse tickets. If you believe you receive a ticket in error, you’ll need to speak to an officer. You can discuss a ticket with a Parking Enforcement Officer during the final half-hour of the officer’s shift. Contact the office within 48 hours after the fine was levied. Please note that officers don’t take calls about parking tickets.



3. Acceptable Payment Forms for Tickets

Parking fines are typically $15 for the majority of tickets. Vehicles can receive tickets hourly, so you can quickly rack up tickets if you’re not cautious.

How can you pay for your parking ticket? Forms of payment accepted for parking tickets by the Bloomsburg Police Department include:

  • Checks
  • Certified checks
  • Money orders
  • Credit cards
  • Cash, although not the preferred method

Note that fines cannot be paid with coin currency greater than $5.

Parking Rules and Guidelines in Bloomsburg

Have a few more questions about parking rules and guidelines in Bloomsburg? Check out a few of the most commonly asked questions below to find your answers:

1. How Many Vehicles Can a Student Register With University Police?

Students can register one vehicle. They may also register a second if it is a motorcycle.

2. What Should I Do If I Misplace My Permit or Bring an Unregistered Vehicle onto the Bloomsburg University Campus?

If you’re eligible to register a vehicle, but you’ve misplaced your permit or you’ve brought an unregistered vehicle to campus, you can visit the University Police and request a temporary permit for the day.

3. What Will Happen If I Forget or Ignore Tickets?

If you acquire three unpaid parking tickets, and one or more of them has not been paid within the 20 day period, then your vehicle will be towed or booted. This will be at the driver’s or owner’s expense.

4. What Do Visitors Need for Parking?

Visitors to Bloomsburg University should obtain a visitor’s permit. Display this permit inside your vehicle. Visitors can park their vehicles in any legally lined area of the campus. If you have a visitor who needs a permit, they can obtain one from the University Police, at Buckingham Maintenance Center or at Carver Hall.

You can also obtain a visitor permit from certain departments if you will be parking in their specified areas, including the Reading Center, the Admissions Office, the Speech and Hearing Clinic and the Athletic Department.

5. Where Can I Park If I Can’t Find an Open Spot on the Lower Campus?

If you can’t find an open spot on the lower campus, you can park at the Special Events Lot on the upper campus. You can then take the free shuttle to the lower campus.

6. What Do I Do If My Car Breaks Down While on Campus?

Within half an hour of your vehicle’s break down, obtain a disabled vehicle permit. You can request this permit from University Police. This permit is not valid beyond three days.

7. What Are the Campus Parking Hours When Restrictions Apply?

Parking is limited to designated areas from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. from Monday through Friday. Open parking is from 5 p.m. to 2 a.m. from Monday through Thursday. This excludes metered parking spaces and the Heating Plant Lot.



Parking is not permitted on campus from 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. from Monday through Friday. Open parking is permitted in legal parking spaces on the weekends from 5 p.m. Friday to 2 a.m. Monday. This does not include metered parking spaces, special reserved areas or the Heating Plant Lot. Vehicles must be parked within legal lined parking spaces.

Following the parking rules and guidelines will ensure you and your visitors don’t receive tickets or become subjected to booting or towing.

Living Off Campus Provides the Best Parking Solution

Off-campus student housing near Bloomsburg University is the best parking solution for most Bloomsburg University students.

1. Better Than Living on Campus

Students who live on campus must pay for a parking pass. You’re also only allowed to park your vehicle in a lot that is a mile away, so you’ll need to take a bus to and from the parking lot anyway.

This lot is also locked at night, as early as 7 p.m. on Sundays. For students who work a part-time job after the time the lot is locked, you won’t be able to access your car, potentially leaving you to park illegally and get a ticket.

Students who live on campus may quickly rack up multiple parking tickets and have to deal with the inconvenience of traveling to and from campus. Living somewhere off campus with student housing parking is a much more convenient solution and more affordable in the long run.

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2. Avoid Tickets by Living Off Campus

Students can easily find themselves forced to pay many parking tickets when they park downtown or when they live on campus. When you live off campus, you can park in a place that’s within walking distance of both, so you don’t have to worry about getting ticketed.

3. Convenient Parking Spots With A+ Student Housing

With A+ Student Housing, you can find Bloomsburg student housing with parking. Off-street parking is easy to find in the quiet, quaint neighborhoods of Bloomsburg where our housing is located.

A+ Student Housing offers parking spots on a first-come, first-served basis and housing is within walking distance of campus. All of the restaurants, bars and stores downtown are also within walking distance, making off-campus housing a convenient option for all Bloomsburg University students.



4. Pets Are Allowed

Another perk of choosing A+ Student Housing for your off-campus housing is living with your pets. Many other housing rentals for Bloomsburg students don’t allow pets, forcing you to leave your beloved furry friend behind with your parents. With A+ Housing, rentals are pet-friendly, so you can live in a convenient location with your dog or cat.

5. Move In Early

At A+ Housing, we understand that student schedules vary. We want you to have housing when you need it, which is why we offer the ability for students to move in early to their off-campus housing. We’ll ensure your housing is ready for you before you move in.

6. Storage for the Summer

Don’t want to move all your belongings home just to bring them all back for the next semester? Fortunately, A+ Student Housing offers summer storage so you don’t have to move your stuff back and forth.

7. Utilities Included

You won’t need to worry about keeping track of multiple bills when you live off campus with A+ Student Housing. We roll utility costs into your monthly payment to make things as simple and convenient for you as possible.

Most of our housing rentals also include washers and dryers, making our apartments a more convenient option than the traditional student housing options.

8. Provided Maintenance Service

Worried about what you’ll do if something in your apartment breaks? If you’re not handy with home repairs, don’t worry — we have a maintenance staff on hand to help. Our staff is easy to contact and happy to offer their services, ensuring that everything is back in working order before they leave.

9. Easy Online Payments

Why drop off a check every time you need to pay rent when you can just make your payment online? To pay for your rent with A+ Student Housing, you won’t even have to leave your apartment.

10. Housing That’s Up to Code

Our rentals are all up to code on regulations, providing you the peace of mind you need to feel safe in your off-campus housing and to feel confident about where your monthly payment is going.

11. Parents Will Love It

Sure, you’re an adult now, but you also don’t want your parents constantly worrying about whether you’re safe and happy. They want what’s best for you, and that includes housing. When you show your parents your housing rental with A+ Student Housing, they’ll be able to rest assured knowing you’re living in a place that can keep you happy and safe.

Living in our off-campus housing can put you in a better position to be close to campus, close to downtown and close to your car.



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Each of our off-campus homes at A+ Student Housing is within walking distance of Bloomsburg University’s beautiful campus. Our rentals are inexpensive without being cheap, and most are cozy and historic. If you want housing that is close to both campus and the town center of Bloomsburg, look no further.

Bloomsburg weather can sometimes be a bit unpredictable, but when you stay in A+ Student Housing, you’ll still be able to get to campus, meet up with friends or head to the football game. Budgeting can get a bit unpredictable too, especially for college students. Because we roll our utilities into the price for your rent, you can plan a more reliable budget for your semester.

We offer plenty of options so you can select the student housing that’s right for you. Are you a working student who wants a housing rental that can accommodate your busy schedule? Do you want to rent a home close to campus for you and your three friends? Whatever your needs, we can find the perfect rental option for you.

Contact our property manager today to schedule a tour! You can text, call, email or fill out the form to contact us. If you’re already planning to live with us, you can fill out your parking permit application today.