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What Kind of Off-Campus Student Housing Is Right for You?

Finding the right housing in a college town outside of dormitories can be tough — you have endless options and seas of real estate sites to scroll through. You can choose to live in an apartment alone or with one to three people. You can even opt for a house with six or seven or just stay at home and commute to school.

You may be wondering at this point how to choose the best student housing for you. You might want to consider a few factors, including:

  • Budget: Remember how much money you have to spend — not just on rent, but on the security deposit, utilities and amenities.
  • Location: Is the housing you’re looking for in a quiet neighborhood? Is it near campus? Are there grocers and eateries nearby?
  • Convenience: Does the property management company have a reputation for good maintenance and fixing problems in a quick, professional way?

Types of College Housing

In general, there are only two types of housing in college: houses and apartments.


The types of apartments in college areas are as varied as they are anywhere else. You’ll find studio apartments as well as one-, two-, three- and even four-bedroom options on the market in college towns. Some of these apartments will be brand new and come with amenities, and some will have been repurposed from a house or factory-type building. Some might even have multiple bathrooms or stories.

Multi-bedroom apartments are great if you’d like to live with others. However, though studios can have a higher individual cost, they provide much-needed privacy.


Renting a whole house or a room in a six- or seven-bedroom house is a good way to make new friends and save money. Sometimes this housing is broken up by major, so you’ll recognize people from class and have a good atmosphere conducive to academic conversation.


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Selecting a Type of Housing to Suit You

There are pros and cons to apartments and houses. Once you’ve narrowed your choice to a place that fits your budget, is a nice location and is convenient for your needs, you’ll need to consider some other factors before putting pen to paper and signing the lease.

Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of each type of living space.

House Pros

  • Houses can hold more people, making utility bills cheaper since they’re split among more people.
  • Storage space and parking will be ample.
  • You’ll be better able to control the noise level since you’ll get to know your roommates.
  • If you live with people in the same or similar majors, it’ll be easier to coordinate study sessions, group projects and peer reviewing.

House Cons

  • Utilities might have to be set up by the renters.
  • Heating bills can be costly in older houses.
  • Repairs can be more frequently required in older houses.
  • Renters are usually responsible for snow removal and lawn care.
  • Managing finances can be more complicated.

Apartment Pros

  • Apartments allow for more individual privacy than houses.
  • Some utilities are covered in the rent.
  • These spaces require less maintenance.
  • Common areas are easier to maintain.


  • Apartments can cost more than living in a shared house.
  • Noise is a bigger factor because of shared walls.
  • Parking and storage are limited and may cost extra.

Choose A+ Student Housing

At A+ Student Housing, we try to blend the pros of each type of housing while eliminating the cons, giving you the best student housing options. Our apartments and houses are fully furnished, and all utilities are included! You’ll be able to walk to campus from any of our locations, and you’ll have the nicest property manager in Bloomsburg. Plus, all of our properties are leased individually, so you won’t have to be responsible for your roommates.

If you’re researching your housing options, contact us today to schedule a tour of one of our properties. You’ll thank us later!