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Tips for Having a Good Relationship With Your Landlord

Once you sign the lease, you and your landlord will have a mutually beneficial relationship. They’ll rely on you to pay your rent on time and in full, and you’ll rely on them to continue to supply a quality housing experience. If either of you reneges on your end of the bargain, it could land you both in court, which will cost each of you thousands of dollars — likely the last thing either of you wants.

So why not build and maintain a good relationship with your landlord instead, just like you would at any business you frequent? It is, after all, a business endeavor you’re both undertaking. But how can you have a good relationship with your college landlord?

It’s simple. Here are some tips for renting.

Treat Your Landlord Like a Neighbor

Yes, it’s that simple. If you see your landlord, say hello to them! Ask them how they’re doing, tell them about your studies or just start any conversation with them. If you don’t see your landlord much, maybe just pay a visit to the office to turn in the rent and make small talk with the teller.

Showing your face to the landlord or property managers will endear you to them. They may even come to you right away if they’ve been having a problem with something such as internet or utilities because they’re used to seeing your smiling face. This back and forth will help build trust.

Tell Them the Truth

No one wants to be in a business relationship built on lies. Stay on the landlord’s good side by telling them the truth — they’ll inevitably find out if you’re lying.

If you choose to take in a kitten from a local shelter in violation of the lease, ask your landlord’s permission beforehand. By asking their permission, you will have proved to them that you’re an honest person. You never know — maybe your landlord volunteers at the shelter and will be thrilled to let you (discreetly) have the cat in your apartment or house.

Obey the Lease

Just because you got the landlord’s permission to override one part of a pages-long lease doesn’t mean you can skip out on paying your rent until whenever you want. Pay your rent in full on time, every time. This commitment likely means more to your landlord than anything else.

Everyone has financial problems come up sometimes. If your bank account is reading near empty and you won’t be able to write a check until you get paid, tell your landlord sooner than later. If you call to inform them, they may give you some leniency and thank you for letting them know. This concept harkens back to talking to your landlord like a neighbor.

Moreover, if you continue to talk to your landlord, make sure you can have that kitten and pay rent on time, you’ll show that you’re trying to act consistently with the lease, establishing yourself as a respectable person who cares about their property. This respect can have benefits on both sides of the agreement for years to come and instill faith in the landlord that you’re a good tenant.


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