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How to Choose the Right Roommate

How to Choose the Right Roommate

Making the move to a college like Bloomsburg University is a big step, and it comes with a lot more freedom. After you learn the ropes living on campus during your freshman year, you can enjoy even more opportunities to make college your own by living in off-campus housing and picking your roommate.

You want to feel comfortable and at home in your new environment, so choosing a college roommate is a big decision. If you get along, your whole college experience will likely go well. If you find that you are not compatible with your roommate, your home may become a place you want to avoid rather than the sanctuary it should be.

While there are many ways to find a college roommate today, you have to be careful before agreeing to live with someone you barely know. To prevent a poor roommate experience, consider these tips on how to choose a good roommate.

Evaluate Your Habits

Your habits will help you determine who will make a good roommate for you. Consider what time you like to go to bed as well as when you like to wake up in the morning. You’ll want to find someone who closely matches those times. Otherwise, one of you may feel frustrated with the other for keeping the light on or making noise when the other is trying to sleep.

Other things you’ll want to consider include cleaning habits. Are you a tidy person? Will clutter drive you nuts? You want to ask your roommate prospects about how clean they like to keep things and see if they match your preferences. Will they call their parents or significant other often? Will they take naps midday? All of these habits seem minor, but they could contribute to an unhappy roommate situation later.

Seek Similar Personalities

Everyone hopes that their roommate turns into their best friend. If that is your goal, you should try to pick someone who shares similar morals and interests or hobbies. It’s the little details that can make or break a roommate relationship. Things like musical tastes or how much they like to socialize should factor into your decision.

After you meet and spend some time together, be honest with yourself about how you feel. A good fit should leave you feeling like this person could be your best friend.

Work Out Your Schedules

Schedules play a significant part in the roommate search. While you may not know your class schedule yet, you have a general idea of what you want your day to look like. If you plan on taking a lot of 8:00 a.m. classes but your roommate prefers to sleep in, you may find yourself tip-toeing around in the morning. Schedules also depend on the majors you choose, so finding someone in the same major could offer an automatic lab partner.

Another thing to consider is whether one of you is an athlete. Athletics schedules often have players up early and out until late at night. While some may appreciate the opportunity to be alone in the room, others may find it lonely while their roommate is traveling for an away game. If you are an athlete, you might want to live with another player on the team or someone else who shares a busy schedule of practices, workouts and competitions.

Find Bloomsburg Student Housing That Works for You Both

Bloomsburg University requires most first-year students to live on campus for their first two semesters, but after that, you can make your college experience your own with A+ Student Housing. Once you finish picking a good roommate, check out our fully furnished, pet-friendly homes for your living accommodations near the BU campusContact us today to learn about our variety of housing options for college students!