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Off Campus Housing for Groups of Six

522-524 East Street

This newly renovated, magnificent home has the best porch on East Street, plus a large parking lot, high ceilings, huge bedrooms, a large social area, washer and dryer, and a brand new kitchen!

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522-R/524-R East Street

Newer appliances, large rooms, a huge kitchen and a large parking lot make this a great place to live.

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540 – 542 East Street

These beautifully renovated apartments have individual bedrooms (some are huge!), washers and dryers, private common areas, and off-street parking availability. Close to campus, on the same block as Good ‘Ol Days!

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115 & 115R East 4th Street

Quaint and spacious, nicely renovated in a very nice neighborhood.

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Six-Person Off-Campus Student Housing in Bloomsburg, PA

If you’re searching for six-person housing near Bloomsburg University, A+ Student Housing has all the listings with the amenities you need. We have furnished apartments close to campus, so you can walk to your classes. Other amenities include:

  • Pet-friendly
  • Utilities included
  • Washer and dryer

Many of our apartments are in renovated homes with wrap-around porches and off-street parking. You can take advantage of large bedrooms with plenty of space for study sessions or weekend movie nights. If you love to cook, you can use our spacious kitchen to master your culinary skills. For students who prefer their own individual bedroom, we even have listings with spacious, separate bedrooms, so you can still have your own space. Quaint and quiet neighborhoods ensure you’re close to the town center, while still having a great place to walk your dog and sleep in peace.

Reasons for Students to Live in a Six-Bedroom House

There are plenty of reasons why students would want to live in student housing for six people in Bloomsburg. Are you a part of Greek life? A six-bedroom house will give you plenty of room to live together and host events. Student-athletes who also want to live together and sync up their schedules can benefit from a larger house.

Do you know five other people in your major? Rooming with a large friend group or people in your program can help create study groups. Plus, living with a large group of friends often means there’s always someone there to talk to. You won’t lack social interaction, and you’ll have people to help you through the more difficult times of college.

In fact, research shows that having “social connectedness” benefits your health just as quitting smoking or exercising. This can help you avoid physical and mental illness, and it even gives you a sense of resilience against stressful life events and other transitions. Belonging to a group — such as a group of six people living in one house — can help you form bonds with other members and discover who you are.

If you got tired of the dorm life fast, BU off-campus student housing options for six people could ensure you have your own space. You won’t need to worry about running to the cafeteria for every meal as you can cook whenever you’re hungry in your own kitchen. If you choose a house with multiple separate bedrooms, everyone can have their own room and retreat to a quiet space when they need to study or just need a break.

Another benefit of choosing A+ Student Housing’s six-person housing options is greater financial security. You can even grocery shop together and divvy up the bill for common toiletries, such as cleaning supplies, toilet paper, paper towels and more. Or even split a Hulu or Netflix subscription!

Why Stay With A+ Student Housing?

A+ Student Housing will help you find a safe, affordable and spacious rental. Browse our off-campus Bloomsburg University six-person housing options today, or contact us to schedule a tour.