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Two Person Student Apartments

301-309 Lockard Avenue

These furnished apartments are very close to campus and newly renovated. Move fast and take your pick, because they go quick!

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360 Fair Street

This furnished, historic home has a nice view, spacious rooms, and is Incredibly close to campus!

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140-152 Iron Street

  Located two doors away from Bloomin’ Bagels, this newly renovated apartment building is close to campus yet right near the center of town.

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347 Fair Street

This quaint, well made home on Fair Street boasts beautiful woodwork, three porches, off-street parking, many windows and lots of charm!

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Two-Person Student Housing Close to Bloomsburg University

Are you a Bloomsburg University student looking for affordable housing for your sophomore, junior or senior year? Why stay in a cramped, stuffy dorm room or a run-down apartment on the outskirts of town when you can enjoy the comfort and convenience of staying in a cozy A+ Student Housing residence? We’re now offering off-campus student housing rentals for two people that provide all the benefits of living in a clean, well-maintained and safe home. 

Our two-person student housing units are fully furnished — no sleeping on air mattresses or sitting on the floor to study or watch TV! They’re also pet-friendly, so you can have Fluffy or Fido join you and your housemate. We provide all utilities (included in the rent price), and some apartments even come with washers and dryers so you won’t have to make those dreaded trips to the laundromat. And with the nicest property manager in town, renting from A+ Student Housing is a pleasant experience. 

Enjoy the Benefits of Living in Downtown Bloomsburg With Two-Person Apartments

Our two-person student housing units are close to the town center for maximum convenience. Need a freshly made bagel and a jumbo cup of steaming-hot coffee to get you through that “thrilling” early-morning geology class? You’re just a short crawl from the Bloomin’ Bagels on Main Street, home of the best bagels (and other great grub) in town. You’ll also be close to a host of other awesome eateries, boutique retail stores, art galleries, the Bloomsburg Public Library and much more. 

Another great reason to live at A+ Student Housing is its proximity to Bloomsburg University. Although these are off-campus apartments, the school is within easy walking distance. You won’t need a car or have to ride the shuttle bus to get to class each day. You can also make it to on-campus events like football games, concerts, parties and whatever else is going on with ease.

Our two-bedroom student housing in Bloomsburg (one-bedroom units are also available) features plenty of room. Having separate bedrooms will give you and your roommate more privacy, and you’ll still have lots of living space to share. Depending on the home you choose, you can have access to off-street parking, private covered porches, renovated interiors, lots of windows and excellent views. 

Of course, there comes a time when even a busy college student wants to relax and escape from the rigors and pressures of school life. Living in quiet downtown Bloomsburg is ideal for those times when you want to stay in, curl up on the sofa (we did say our apartments are furnished!) and watch a good movie. You can even feel safe when venturing out for a peaceful walk around town. 

Why Stay With A+ Student Housing?

Our two-person student housing units go quickly. Don’t wait until it’s too late to find a great place to live for the upcoming school year. Call or text us at 570-784-3151 or contact us online to learn more about our available apartment rentals today.