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Summer Storage

Leave your stuff with us!

If you are renting the same apartment next year, you and up to six roommates may leave your belongings with us all summer long for only $295. (Fee must be paid by last day of final exams) Just fill in this form and your packing chores are gone.

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Summer Storage Agreement
A+ Student Housing, LLC will provide storage for my belongings for the entire summer following the date of this agreement for a fee of $295.00 (enabling summer storage for up to six people). I agree to provide renter’s insurance, and understand that all items are stored at my own risk. Under no circumstances will I hold A+ Student Housing, LLC, or its agents, accountable for any losses or damages that result from my use their property. I further understand that I will not use the rented storage space for any purpose other than to store items to be used when I am a tenant in the subsequent fall semester, and that only items possessed by fellow fall tenants of the relevant apartment will be permitted to utilized this storage space. I will be responsible for all damages that occur to the apartment while it is in use for storage by me, and will promptly pay A+ Student Housing LLC for any repairs necessary to return the apartment to rentable condition in accordance with the Damage Chart found here. Clicking on the “ACCEPT” button below indicates my committment to pay the $295.00 storage fee, as well as my adherence to these conditions, in the same manner as it would my signature on a legal document.