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219-221 Lockard Street

This nice, private home comes fully furnished, has large kitchens, and large bedrooms. One of the apartments has a bedroom with a private bathroom, but they both cost the same so that one always goes first! Both apartments go fast, though, because in addition to being so nice, they’re extremely close to campus!

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301-309 Lockard Avenue

These furnished apartments are very close to campus and newly renovated. Move fast and take your pick, because they go quick!

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360 Fair Street

This furnished, historic home has a nice view, spacious rooms, and is Incredibly close to campus!

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27 East 3rd Street

A variety of living options close to the exciting center of town, yet on quiet 3rd street. No extra charge for the great porch!

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445 E 3rd Street

This is our (or anyone’s) closest home to campus – you can walk out your back yard (mowed by us) and you’ve arrived at BU. Completely furnished and includes free off-street parking.

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305-307 Iron Street

You’ll enjoy the new kitchen and cozy exterior of this historic corner house.

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140-152 Iron Street

Located two doors away from Bloomin’ Bagels, this newly renovated apartment building is close to campus yet right near the center of town.

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341 Fair Street

This house is a great place to live! Very close to campus, renovated interiors, plenty of off-street parking, very nice.

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540 – 542 East Street

These beautifully renovated apartments have individual bedrooms (some are huge!), washers and dryers, private common areas, and off-street parking availability. Close to campus, on the same block as Good ‘Ol Days!

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