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301-309 Lockard Avenue

These furnished apartments are very close to campus and newly renovated. Move fast and take your pick, because they go quick!

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360 Fair Street

This furnished, historic home has a nice view, spacious rooms, and is Incredibly close to campus!

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242 West Street

Spacious apartments, each with its own private covered porch to enjoy this quiet neighborhood. Just off Main Street.

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140-152 Iron Street

Located two doors away from Bloomin’ Bagels, this newly renovated apartment building is close to campus yet right near the center of town.

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341 Fair Street

This house is a great place to live! Very close to campus, renovated interiors, plenty of off-street parking, very nice.

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347 Fair Street

This quaint, well made home on Fair Street boasts beautiful woodwork, three porches, off-street parking, many windows and lots of charm!

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